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First, let’s start with the official statement of
why you can’t find it elsewhere.

“The music company took strong issues with some of the imagery in the video. So they had it removed. This is the official statement.”

My official statement is this: I firmly stand by the music video we produced. The artist approved of it and our team, an almost exclusive LGBT production crew and cast is proud of what we delivered.

This music video cost thousands of dollars, filmed over two days in Atlanta and was funded solely by me. It was directed by the talented TheShay West who has shot music videos for Kandi Burruss, Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris and more.

I did not engage in this project to make money. My husband invested in my music and art and that inspires me to do the same in others, evidenced over many years with a number of music artists. That was my primary motivation.

Today, my sole motivation is to release the music video that we delivered to an independent music artist, a music video receiving incredible positive feedback until that was sourly and misguidedly interrupted.

Thankfully, I have my own website in order to do that. Now, fans of Jensen Atwood and those of you that support me can decide for yourselves. Outside of this sole motivation, let the cards fall where they may.

Passionately, I deliver to you Jensen Atwood’s new music video, which is my music video, which is also TheShay West’s music video, which is also an almost entirely exclusive LGBT cast & crew’s music video.

Trust me FAM! I’m on the front lines, I’m in the struggle with this one, fighting for what I know is right.

On this platform, I deliver to you Jensen Atwood’s music video for his cover of Alicia Keys’ #1 hit song “Unthinkable.”

Thank you.
Anthony Antoine

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